Children’s Pamper Parties Llanelli

Children’s Pamper Parties in and around Llanelli are now becoming one of the leading trends in 2020. The Children’s Pamper Party is a private party, which your little girl can invite her friends from all circles. We set up whatever music your little one wants to play. The party includes robes, for your little princess and guests (it really makes them feel like they are getting pampered!)

Whats it include?
The other things that are the part of a pamper party includes the manicures, pedicures and glitter tattoos, and more. These treatments are for about a 20 minute period and a mixture of games including parse the parcel. If you have any recommendations on what you would like or ideas we can create, just let us know.

The charge of a pamper party varies according to the services that are included in the package, as well as the time duration for which the party is going to last. See our packages page for more info about our pricing. The parties Include either two or three treatments and sometimes includes a gift for the birthday girl.

We take a common sense approach to planning and organising events, celebrations and holiday parties with unique ideas and fun party games.

Call Rebecca on 07737193981 and book now or see our pricing packages from £50.00 For 2 Children.

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